Step 1: Join us for Worship

The best way to get to know us is to visit our worship on a Sunday morning (and hang out for coffee and conversation afterward). Come as you are, with your doubts, questions, and hopes. We have one service at 10 o’clock in the morning. If you have kids, we have nursery up to Kindergarten. Children are essential to our life and worship together, and those above nursery age are warmly welcomed to participate in the service with their families.

Step 2: Introduce yourself

When you decide you’d like to find out more about the Saint Nicholas community, you can fill out a Connection Card. A minister will contact you to set up a conversation where we can learn about you and answer any questions you have about the church. You’ll also be added to the church email list and invited to the next Newcomers’ Lunch, which are held throughout the year.

Step 3: Rest, Pray, and Discern

Newcomers are invited to enter a season of discernment and rest where you’re encouraged to wonder about what God is doing in your life. During this time, your only ‘responsibility’ is to ask questions, worship with us, participate in our feasts and special events throughout the year, and begin knowing others and become known. Sunday School and after church Q and A are two spaces designed for just this.

Step 4: Become a Member

For non-Christians, baptism is the formal initiation of membership into the church. For those already baptized, membership is a simple affirmation to follow Jesus together. We welcome new members publicly, promising to seek and serve Christ as one community, building up and supporting each other along the way for as long as God has us at Saint Nicholas.

Step 5: Prepare for Ministry

New members of Saint Nicholas best discover what it looks like to seek and serve Jesus alongside one another in the context of friendship and in a variety of group environments. We share meals, share stories, and learn the basic beliefs, skills, habits, and practices of Christian life together.

Step 6: Join a Ministry

After a season of discernment and preparation, all our members are encouraged to join a ministry that suits your gifts, personality and desires. While each ministry is aimed at a specific calling, it is also mutually supportive: helping each person grow in the knowledge and love required to do the work. Embrace the ministry charism that best suits you for this next season, and participate in God’s work of renewing all things in Jesus Christ.

Step 7: Consider Confirmation and/or Ordination

Though different, both confirmation and ordination represent a mature commitment to the promises of God made at baptism and to each person’s vocation as a minister of Christ. At Saint Nicholas, we support wholeheartedly the building up of each person to fulfill the ministry into which Christ has called them for the renewal of the church.