Book of Jude is only 1 chapter.  Small but mighty. Jude’s purpose in his letter was to encourage Christians to stand firm in the faith and fight for the truth. To be prepared for the times ahead.  

Jude recognized that false teachers often peddled their wares unnoticed.  Believers are to remember the teaching of the apostles, building each other up in the faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, and keeping themselves in the love of God.

Jude is the very definition of punchy and pithy proclamations—with its short commands and statements popping off the page like machine-gun fire. But in our day and age, punchy has become rude or unacceptable. In many circles the forcefulness of Jude will not be tolerated, the crowds preferring a softer and gentler side of the Christian faith. But Jude reminds us that there is a time and a place for the aggressive protection of the truth from those who would seek to tear it down.

A very timely message!

St. Nicholas Church begins the Book of Jude study on Monday, January 18th, via ZOOM (online).

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