Dear members, friends and guests,

I have been given new directives from Bishop Sumner.  We will open as we did in June for In Person worship and Facebook Live on Sundays at 11 A.M.  Excerpts from his letter are below:

“I ask that you follow your local school district’s guidelines.  When your local school district moves to in person learning then your parish church can move to Step C. (LISD moves to In Person learning on Sept. 8)

Please remind the older and the vulnerable once more that the wisest course is to stay home, and be involved via streamed services.


Step C
Masks and social distancing: as many as can safely be included in your Church by the ‘masks and 6 feet’ rule, which you have measured and marked out, with attention to entrance and exit.
Singing: indoor congregational singing is prohibited.
Communion: Pre-Sanctified Hosts are placed in ziplocked plastic bags and are distributed to the congregants as they enter from ushers with masks and gloves. Host will be consumed by congregants from their seats after the Bread and Wine are presented (it will be noted in the Sunday bulletin)”

The Right Rev. George Sumner

At St. Nicholas Church beginning Sunday Sept. 13 we will worship both in person and online. 

In Person service of Holy Communion will be held under the guidelines of Step C:

– Seats will be marked reserved to conform with Social Distancing guidelines (6 ft. apart);
– Greeters with gloves and masks will open the doors for guests;
– Ushers with gloves and masks will distribute the worship bulletin along with the Host (communion bread in a zip lock bag);
– EVERYONE will be required to wear masks as they enter the building and throughout the duration of the time in the building (except when consuming the Host or for those leading with speaking roles);
– no hugging, shaking of hands;
– no coffee or food served;
– no Education Hour at 10 A.M.;
– we will not have childcare or Children’s Church at 11 A.M.  However, Debbie Swackhamer, our Children’s Ministry Director, is creating a handout for kids to use during the in person service.

Facebook Live broadcasts will continue.  

Hosts (communion bread) will continue to be distributed on Saturdays from 5-6 P.M. from the church parking lot for members, friends and guests to consume during the Facebook Live broadcast.

Fr. Mark is available as requested to come to your home for a Holy Communion service with you, your family and as many friends as you can accommodate with appropriate distance between individuals.  Contact Fr. Mark to request him to come to your home.

It is my hope that these options make it possible for each of us to find a way to comfortably to worship our Lord with others and to partake in Holy Communion in this difficult time of a pandemic.

Our church staff has had so many creative ideas to keep us connected in this disconnected time, a  BIG thank you to each of the staff!  We will continue to make porch deliveries, have Zoom online groups available and more as the Spirit of God leads us to help stay connected.

I ask you to prayerfully consider which option best fits you and your family to worship our Lord!  Call, email, or text me if you have questions, concerns or prayer requests!

Fr. Mark